In Cinemas this week – 23rd March

The Hunger Games

Without a doubt the biggest film out this week, or maybe even the year so far, The Hunger Games is set to be ‘the next Twilight’. But don’t let that put you off; if the trilogy continues in this fashion, it’s going to easily surpass its vampire peer and make people wonder why they were so stupid to buy a ‘Team Jacob’ t-shirt in the first place (although coming out the other side of puberty will likely do the same).

The Hunger Games is based on the novel by Suzanne Collins, and is set in a future version of North America (or America as it’s commonly known) where children are forced to fight to the death for entertainment. When her younger sister is chosen to take part in the games, 16 year old Katniss takes her place and must do what she can to survive.

Wild Bill

Wild Bill has slipped under the radar a little but it’s been getting pretty favourable reviews so far. Bill (Charlie Creed-Miles) has just got out of prison and is determined to get back on the straight and narrow (aren’t they all?). However, he finds this more difficult than anticipated, especially when he finds that his two children have been abandoned by their mother and are fending for themselves.

Act of Valor

Also pretty unknown, Act of Valor is the story of an elite group of Navy SEALS who are fighting to stop a planned terrorist attack on the US and recover a kidnapped CIA operative. The killer app in this though is that it features a cast of active-duty soldiers.

Also out this week

For those resisting the temptation of the above, there are a few other bits and pieces out, including Agent Vinod, The Kid With a Bike, and The Grind. The Kid With a Bike, in particular, looks to be an intriguing one, as a woman takes in a boy who was abandoned by his father when he was young. It’s unclear where exactly the bike comes into it though apart from that he seems to ride it a lot. And it’s in French, so if you don’t like to read your films, it’s probably best to steer clear.

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