Debuts Blogathon: Ben Affleck – Gone Baby Gone (2007)

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Debuts Blogathon

Another day, another great post in the Debuts Blogathon hosted by myself and Chris at Terry Malloy’s Pigeon Coop, this time courtesy of Ruth from FlixChatter. If it’s quality you’re  looking for, look no further than this great site. Each and every post is infused with great insights, as well as Ruth’s unique, conversational style. She brings that style to this analysis of Ben Affleck’s debut feature Gone Baby Gone. I thoroughly recommend that you visit Ruth’s site (if you haven’t already of course) and see what I’m talking about.

Ben Affleck

Gone Baby Gone (2007)

When I first heard about this Blogathon, I was initially going to do The Usual Suspects as I thought it was Bryan Singer’s debut, but I ended up settling with Ben Affleck’s first film instead, which I think is still the top one out of the three excellent feature films he’s done…

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2 thoughts on “Debuts Blogathon: Ben Affleck – Gone Baby Gone (2007)

  1. ruth says:

    Hi Chris! Thanks again for inviting me to take part. This is one of the toughest review I had to write, it actually took me a couple of days, ahah. But it was worth it and I appreciate the film a whole lot more.

  2. Well we both definitely appreciate the effort and I’m glad you thought it was worth it. We like to put our entrants through their paces 😉

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